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CAS Exam 9 - Section A Full Study Manual - FREE

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A Full Seminar on CAS Exam 9 - Section A

Our combined course offers you unparalleled values and insights from two independent instructors.

Our learning platform and Exam 9 study manuals help you learn and master concepts from source materials effectively and quickly.

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Lead Instructor: Ryan Liang, FCAS, MAAA

Ryan Liang is a pricing actuary in the reinsurance area. He has actuarial experience in reserving, ratemaking, and advanced analytics/machine learning. He also has experience as an exam writer on the CAS Exam Committee. He has in-depth knowledge on Exam 9 and brings in the latest Edtech to enhance the online learning experience.

Effective Learning platform: Learn, Quiz, and Review

  • Bonus video lessons with < 10 minutes duration each covering key topics from each paper
  • Key concepts quiz after each video lesson
  • Bookmark video lesson for future review

Comprehensive Study Guide


  • Instructor email support
  • Virtual office hours: Online virtural Q&A with the instructor

Watch our full introduction with study strategy and more