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CAS Exam 9 Demo Course

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A Joint Online Seminar on CAS Exam 9 by Fox Seminars and ActuaryFellow - DEMO

Our combined course offers you unparalleled values and insights from two independent instructors.

Our learning platform and Exam 9 study manuals help you learn and master concepts from source materials effectively and quickly.

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Lead Instructor: Ryan Liang, FCAS, MAAA

Ryan Liang is a pricing actuary in the reinsurance area. He has actuarial experience in reserving, ratemaking, and advanced analytics/machine learning. He also has experience as an exam writer on the CAS Exam Committee. He has in-depth knowledge on Exam 9 and brings in the latest Edtech to enhance the online learning experience.

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Fox Seminars Co-instructor:
Jonathan Fox, FCAS, MAAA

Jonathan Fox began teaching actuarial seminars on Financial Risk and Advance Ratemaking in 2007. He quickly became acknowledged as one of the top teachers for these subjects with his concise presentations and clear explanations. His work in the insurance industry since 2000 covers many areas included on the syllabus giving him practical insight into the application of the material.

What’s included in the demo course?

We offer you limited access to the study materials on our online learning platform.

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When you purchase Exam 9 – Online Course, you have access to the followings:

Effective Learning platform: Learn, Quiz, and Review

  • 80+ video lessons with < 10 minutes duration each covering key topics from each paper
  • Key concepts quiz after each video lesson
  • Bookmark video lesson for future review

Comprehensive Study Guide


  • Online discussion forum
  • Instructor email support
  • Virtual office hours: Online virtural Q&A with the instructor